Valuell Capital, a dutch based company, provides a unique opportunity for personal investors. Our company provides investors access to a combined collective of some of the most successful trading operations available worldwide – creating a tailored investment service unique to Valuell Capital.




Our team removes the typical ‘trial and error’ process of personal investing. The company delivers our clientele exceptional investment opportunities with proven track records of success - operating within all market conditions. Each system is independently verified and audited to ensure client funds are safe and profitable. The company is pleased to incorporate both manual and algorithmic trading approaches, thus catering for all investor appetites, and providing opportunity for a truly diversified investment portfolio. If you would like a full technical breakdown of our available systems, please see our contact form to reach a member of our team.





Our longest running and most consistent AI strategy to date. Returning investors up to 3-5% per month over the past 5 years, VALT is the conservative investors dream.

Yearly Performance (APY): 65.38%
Average Winning Month (AWM): 4.30%
Historical Max. Drawdown: -19.58%
Sharpe Ratio: 8.29
Inception Date: June 2018
Audited Track Record: Yes

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Performance Based

Valuell utilises a performance-dependent business model, meaning our operations are only as profitable as the systems we provide. This complements our trust-based process, ensuring utmost client confidence in our operations while offering only the finest investment opportunities available.

Client Independence

Our fully regulated broker handles all client funds, allowing clients access to their investments 24/7 through a custom client portal. At no point will Valuell have direct access to client funds - client funds remain under their control at all times.


Valuell was created out of a strong desire for dynamic investment opportunities, specifically tailored towards individual investors. We understood that as technological advancements are made, new opportunities are created. Our team is in constant discussion with development teams and fund managers - generating a fluid portfolio environment with the most sophisticated and profitable systems available.


Valuell is pleased to present its clients a variety of investment prospects. This creates a dynamic investment environment which facilitates growth and account diversity. Our team is pleased to present prospective clients with a detailed breakdown of each system, allowing them to make an informed investment decision.



Transparency is key to our company’s values, and as such we are pleased to present a synopsis of our system’s results. If you would like a full technical breakdown of our available systems, please see our contact form to reach a member of our team.

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